Jeanne Gillard


Counselor, Gambling

My name is Jeanne and I have been a counselor at Emergence since June 19, 2001 and am so thankful that I can serve in this capacity. I started working the first year that Emergence got the grant to operate the Oregon Problem Gambling Helpline. I worked on the helpline as a counselor for 6 months and then became the women's gambling counselor facilitating process and education groups and seeing individuals one on one while still covering the helpline during the day and after hours. 

I love seeing committed individuals turn their lives around and recover from the destruction gambling causes in their lives and the lives of those they love. I know that gambling treatment works because it worked for me. I walked into Emergence (previously ACES) a very broken addicted gambler and was able to find myself again. I was given tools and support to get my life back on track and then as an additional gift was asked if I would like to work as a counselor on the helpline. Wow!! I am so blessed and have been gambling free for 12 years.