Diane Madrigale


Mental Health Therapist

Diane Madrigale (MA, LPC, NCC, CAGC II, NCGC II, CADC I, NCAC I) is a Therapist with training and experience with mental health, addiction and crisis counseling, working with a variety of issues related to PTSD, substance abuse issues, gambling addiction, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, homelessness, mental, physical, and emotional abuse, and life transition difficulties. She has additional training in sand tray therapy as well as EMDR. She has worked in a number of houses for adults with chronic mental illness, in-home support services for families involved with DHS, crisis service centers, outpatient addiction treatment facilities, transitional housing for chronic mental illness, and with clinical mental health therapy. She believes in working collaboratively with the client and has a strong reliance utilizing client-centered and strength-based approaches.