Jam Zsiga


Mental Health Therapist (DBT)

Hi, my name is Jam and I have been working at Emergence for about 3.5 years. I enjoy working with people on addictions, trauma and PTSD issues. I facilitate and meet individually with a group of male felons as they are getting out of prison after 1-10 years as they reintegrate back into society. I also enjoy working with people on Mental Health issues as they become more self-aware and try to figure out answers to some of their life problems. I have had a lot of life experience along with attending college and obtaining my Masters Degree in Applied Behavioral Science. A passion of mine in life is to help people not stay stuck in issues that they want to resolve about their lives. Some techniques I use are Motivational Interviewing, Art Therapy, Narrative, Brief, and Strategic Therapies, and Family Systems.