The Discovery Program


DUII Diversion

The Discovery Program can provide assistance to those seeking:
  • Oregon DMV certificates
  • Resolution of Court requirements
  • Fulfillment of DUII and DMV requirements
  • Obtain low cost treatment
  • Obtain financial assistance
The mission of this program is to compassionately treat individuals who are seeking a solution for required treatment for DUII diversion in safe and confidential setting. Discovery counselors aim to let those enrolled feel heard and feel appreciated as they engage in counseling at EMERGENCE.

In the Discovery Program, our clients learn how their choice to use alcohol or drugs can affect not only their physical self but also their relational self - how they think and feel about life situations. Our clients in Discovery expand their recovery skills through a combination of education, group process, and family interaction guided by skilled counseling professionals. For these reasons, we have been the DUII education and treatment provider of choice for many of your Lane and Linn County neighbors.

The Discovery Program is EMERGENCE's lower intensity outpatient program that meets once a week for two hours. The groups are offered in the evenings, mornings, and weekends. Our treatment program varies in length according to individual needs. The Discovery Program includes a two-hour ASAM Assessment, a one-hour Individual Service and Support Planning session for our clients and their families, and a designed program of group sessions, therapeutic activities, and a one-hour discharge counseling session. Appropriate referrals to ongoing outpatient counseling and other needs are made as needed.

All the counselors and staff were very helpful and made the time spent worthwhile. Being educated on addictive behavior has helped me learn about my personality for the future. - R. P.