The Endeavor Program


Substance abuse treatment for individuals referred by Lane County Parole and Probation or Sponsors, Inc.

Since 2004, the Endeavor Program has been providing substance abuse treatment free of charge to individuals referred by Lane County Parole and Probation through funding provided by Lane County Community Corrections.

The Endeavor Program utilizes cognitive methods of treatment including Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Substance Abuse (CBI-SA), Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), Seeking Safety and Helping Women Recover: A Comprehensive Treatment Model, to shift individuals from a history of abuse into a life of being a productive community member. While in the program, each individual receives case management services to support base-level needs such as obtaining food, clothing, housing, medical, or to address case-specific issues for each participant.

The Endeavor Program is designed to meet the needs of each participant and encourages abstinence through monitored urinalysis, since some clients may need additional time and support to complete treatment objectives. Group treatment meetings are gender specific and focus on principles of Risk, Need, Responsivity, and Fidelity.


The Endeavor Program is a platform for rigorous self-exploration and personal development with the ultimate goal of allowing each individual to create and actualize a plan for a prosocial lifestyle and successful reintegration as a productive member of their community.


Every participant in the Endeavor Program works with a Counselor during their first session to develop an Individual Service and Support Plan to address their unique needs, obstacles and goals. ISSP are as dynamic as each participant, and as they progress through the program, this plan is updated to match their changing needs and focuses.


The Endeavor Program supports participants in maintaining abstinence from drug use through regular urinalysis testing given around the time of group sessions. Individuals must demonstrate sobriety for 90 days to graduate from the program.


The cornerstones of the Endeavor Program are Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) and Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Substance Abuse (CBI-SA) which address each participant’s person beliefs and reasoning. The Endeavor Program is focused on shifting how clients think and make judgments about what is right and wrong. MRT and CBI-SA are evidence-based, proven methods for treating individuals struggling with substance abuse disorders. Individuals involved in the justice and corrections systems that are treated with MRT and CBI-SA show significantly lower recidivism, re-arrest and re-incarceration rates.


Participants in the Endeavor Program attend three 3-hour groups per week, where individuals get to use the support of their Counselor and peers to develop their knowledge and skills to manage their lives, goals, and combat addiction and other obstacles that stand in the way of a positive lifestyle. During these sessions, participants are led in interactive activities such as presenting treatment work, assigned curriculum from Individual Service and Support Plans (ISSP), or skill-development activities aimed at developing prosocial lifestyle habits.


Participants in the Endeavor Program are encouraged to attend Support Groups in their community. The Endeavor Program focuses on developing a sustainable lifestyle for individuals, which includes creating a network of external support. Requiring attendance and adherence to 12-step programs or similar groups allows participants to develop knowledge of free resources accessible during and after treatment that can be utilized as they reintegrate into society.

To participate in the Endeavor Program, a referral is required from your Lane County Parole and Probation officer.

  1. If you are indigent or unable to pay for treatment services, a free slot will be available to you.
  2. If you are able to pay for treatment services or have an insurance carrier that will pay for treatment services, EMERGENCE staff will attempt to place you into another program immediately - this is dependent upon the discretion of your PO and EMERGENCE staff.
  3. Once EMERGENCE receives your referral, you have seven (7) days to contact our facility to sign up for treatment services. Contact numbers are listed at the bottom of this webpage. If you fail to register for treatment services, your referral will be closed and your PO will be notified.
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