Offender Re-Entry Program

EMERGENCE has had a partnership for several years with Sponsors called the Offender Re-Entry Program. Sponsors provides transitional housing and employment opportunities to people who are released from Oregon prisons and jails in Lane County. Within that framework, EMERGENCE provides substance abuse treatment services to medium- to high-risk participants who are re-entering the community following incarceration.

EMERGENCES's services include substance abuse education, individualized treatment work to address personal needs and barriers, education and testing through HIV-Alliance, smoking cessation assistance, and resourcing of information & referrals to community partners.

The program incorporates Evidence-Based Best Practices to reduce recidivism including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and role playing. Counselors connect participants to the local recovery community for support including meetings and clean & sober activities. EMERGENCE's goal for all participants is to enhance pro-social thinking and behaviors, and to assist the individual as well as the community at large. There are onsite groups offered to both men and women as research shows that gender-specific treatment promotes improved outcomes.

Clients enroll in the program following a referral from Sponsors to EMERGENCE. Each client is taken through a comprehensive assessment, creation of a collaborative treatment plan and set up for a minimum of 36 group sessions. In addition, each participant works one-on-one with their Counselor as needed. When a client is discharged, they complete an Individualized Relapse Prevention Plan which addresses maintenance of a substance abuse- and crime-free lifestyle.

For more information about Sponsors, go to http://www.Sponsorsinc.org